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Medical Center of Boston International, Inc.(MCBI) has developed a Telemedicine solution to expedite the complex task of second opinion. In-house expertise along with out-sourced consultants have developed MMMR - Multi-Media Medical Record as an integrating software. This is installed on a workstation configured with appropriate FDA approved medical peripherals. We have installed our Workstations at many centers abroad. This communication connectivity is established with ISDN lines - providing on demand bandwidth of 384 KBPS to support the connection.

MMMR supports STOREnFOREWARD exchange of clinical information and also realtime live videoconference with data exchange.

MCBI has developed the telemedicine service to support second opinion, follow-up care in home country and continuing medical education for our referring physicians. In diffusion the challenge has been lack of bandwidth. This can be overcome with INTERNET and a powerful streaming solution.

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